A C Firearms Ltd

Firearm sales and reloading specialist

Swiss RS Powders

Swiss Rifle Powders

Full range of Swiss rifle powders stocked from RS36 to RS80 including RS52 and the latest RS76. Others available to order.

Vihtavuori rifle powders

Vihtavuori Rifle Powders

Full range of Vihtavuori rifle powders stocked from N133 to N170 and N530 to N560 in 1 kg tubs. 

Full range of other Vihtavuori powders available to order.

Winchester StaBall 6.5

Winchester Rifle Powders

We now stock the Winchester Staball Match (Varget replacement) and Winchester StaBall 6.5 (H4350 replacement) both reach compliant.

Hodgdon powders also stocked


What we do

Sales of new and used firearms and associated components.

Main Stockist for Hornady and Hasler monolithic bullets with a smaller range of  Sierra, Nosler, Barnes and Lapua.

Reloading powders from Swiss RS, Vihtavuori and Winchester/Hodgdon. 

Primers from Federal, CCI, Magtec and plus much of the associated gear to produce good quality ammunition.

Factory loaded ammunition available. Stockist for Hornady, Sellier & Bellot, Lapua, SK and Eley.

Firearms, scopes and night vision equipment from all the main and well known manufactures. Emphasis on quality manufacturers Leica, Leupold, Vortex, Nightforce etc. Dealer for Pulsar

Importer for Hasler Monolithic Bullets
Importer for Hasler Monolithic Bullets

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Member of the Gun Trade Association